Erasmus plus "Sport is your health, sport is your life" wanted and managed by the president of the municipal Avis of Giungano, Ennio France, with the partnership of the Greek Association "PARAPEGEGIA, PHYSICAL AND PHYSICAL ASSOCIATION OF KAVALA" and of the Bulgarian association "THE CHANGE IS IN YOU". The logo reproduces the European flag, created by a circle of 12 golden stars on a blue background. The stars, the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe. The circle is also a symbol of unity, and within it is clearly visible the outline of a stylized man in the act of running. The man carries the flags involved in the project in question: the Italian flag, the Greek flag and the Bulgarian one. I three,

  Today, sport can certainly be seen as one of the best tools to foster integration and solidarity, to educate young people to respect the rules, to accustom their bodies to the movement and to follow a healthy life regimen also from the point of food. Our project wants to propose sport as a tool to educate and train the person. Through sport, we will develop the cognitive, social and above all relational skills of our young people. It will be fundamental to respect others and others' ideas, comparison and integration of those in difficulty, often on the margins of society and little considered as disabled or for having dealt with drugs, prostitution or underworld environments. There will be workshops, conferences, seminars and many sports activities that will be carried out in the individual partner countries (Italy, Bulgaria and Greece) as well as various international meetings in the presence for the staff project manager. The AVIS of Giungano, POLO association, through its President ENNIO FRANCE, will coordinate and spread the various activities both nationally and internationally.

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AVIS Comunale Giungano, which has always been committed to social issues, wants to promote the dissemination of fundamental concepts that help ensure the well-being and health of those who donate; and, among other things, wants to promote sport as a formidable tool for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, obesity and all those diseases that would not allow a donor to be considered healthy. The aims of the association established by the Statute were and are: to meet the growing demand for blood, to have donors ready and controlled in the type of blood and in the state of health, to donate blood to everyone free of charge, without any discrimination Our partner associations are: - "The Change is in you" ASSOCIATION (Bulgarian partner association) Association created to help young people who want to improve thanks to international experiences and who want to promote integration and prevent phenomena such as juvenile crime, drug addiction, prostitution or racism, etc. The "Association of Paraplegics, Tetraplegics and Phisically Disabled of Kavala" (Greek partner association) that aims at employing, educating and rehabilitating disabled people to make sense and improve their daily lives The project follows not only the objectives of European policies, but also the objectives included in the Olympic Charter, because it emphasizes that sport is a right of all and that any discrimination regarding nationality, race, religion, political orientation or any other form of exclusion is absolutely incompatible with responsible sporting practice